North Bali Villas for Rent

Villa Sedang Beach Front North Bali - Palm Living

Villa Sedang North Bali, from € 1095,- per week for 1-2 persons. Max 6 persons.

Bali Villa Sheeba, Luxury at the North Bali Beach

Bali Villa Sheeba North Bali, from € 1145,- per week for 1-2 people. Upto 6 people.

Villa Brongbong Pantai North Bali

For 6 guests from € 1850,- per week. Villa Brongbong Pantai hosts a maximum of 10 guests.

Villa Terang Bulan North Bali Beach

Villa Terang Bulan is a luxury 5 star estate for 2-6 people at the beach. From € 1075,- per week.

Villa Bayu Segara by Palm Living

Villa Bayu Segara from € 1100 per week for 2 persons. 3 bedrooms for up to 6 persons.

Villa Palmeira North Bali - Palm Living

Villa Palmeira hosts up to 16 guests. Prices form € 1495 per week.

Villa Brongbong Rimba Bali by Palm Living

Villa Brongbong Rimba hosts up to 6 guests. From € 1.200 per week.

Villa Aparna Bali by Palm Living

Villa Aparna North Bali hosts up to 8 guests from € 1400 per week.

Villa Caraka North Bali by Palm Living

Villa Caraka in North Bali offers room for up to 8 guests, from € 995 per week.

Villa Mari Masuk North Bali by Palm Living

Villa Mari Masuk hosts up to 8 guests. Prices from € 135 per day.

Villa Niyati in North Bali

Villa Niyati Bali hosts up to 8 guests. From € 895 per week.

Villa Naora North Bali Beach

Villa Naora hosts up to 8 guests. Starting at € 1400 per week for 4 guests.

Villa Rigpa North Bali

Villa Rigpa can host up to eight guests. Price from € 700 per week

Villa Sentosa North Bali

Villa Sentosa can host up to six guests. Price from € 840 per week

Villa Oscar North Bali

Villa Oscar can host up to six guests. Price from € 770 per week

Villa Zoubi North Bali

Villa Zoubi North Bali can host up to six guests. Price from € 950 per week.

Villa Banyan by Palm Living

Villa Banyan, North Bali has 5 bedrooms. From € 1750 per week.

Villa Rawa Rawa Lovina Beach

Villa Rawa Rawa can host up to eight guests. Price from € 1400 per week

In North Bali

Sounds of Bali, Free Gamelan Music Download by Palm Living

Sounds of Bali

Bali Weddings, on the beach in a Palm Living Villa

Bali Wedding

Lovina, where is that?

Lovina Beach, North Bali.

Spice Beach Club for Dining, Lunch and more - Palm Living

Spice Beach Club

North Bali Handara Kosaido Golf and Country Club

Golf in North Bali

North Bali Villas for Rent by Palm Living

Palm Living in North Bali offers you an unique way to find a beautiful holiday villa for rent. North Bali is quite different from the other parts of Bali, less congested and a natural environment. Palm Living has selected luxury spots in paradise for you; privately owned villas with all the services you would want for a perfect holiday in Bali.

The Palm Living website acts as an intermediary site, allowing you to pick the best available offer, and communicate directly with the villa owners. Just use the booking form and find out which villas have availability in North Bali at what price. Easy.

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Enjoy North Bali, and a luxury North Bali Villa Holiday...

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