Lovina, where is that?

Lovina is a stretch of villages in the North of Bali, about 3 hours from the International Airport in the South of Bali. The area of Lovina Beach is actually the village of Kalibukbuk. Other villages are amongst others Pemaron, Anturan, Tukadmungga, Banyualit, and maybe even Temukus. The villas of Palm Living are all within 30 minutes or less driving from Lovina.

In Lovina you can find the famous Dolphin Square at the beach end of Jalan Binaria. The area of Lovina Beach has a lot of homestays, hotels, restaurants small and large. There is plenty of night life, bars like Kantin 21, Ziggy's and Poco. Discotheques like the Volcano club and Pashaa. The Spice Beach club is one of the better venues in the area, with a good restaurant, boutique and sometimes life music and shows.

Aerial Shoot of Lovina Beach

On a very quiet Sunday afternoon at Lovina Beach

Live Music in a Lovina Bar

About Lovina

Wikipedia has a page on Lovina:

Wikipedia on Lovina

Lovina was founded by Anak Agung Panji Tisna who has written a few novels was the last person to be officially named King. His most famous novel is "Sukreni Gadis Bali" translated as "The Rape of Sukreni" in English. Available on Amazon.

He build a tourist beach resort about 10 kms west of Singaraja and named this "Lovina" in August 1953.

He published numerous articles about "his" Lovina in International magazines.

While Lovina has been usually described as a "backpackers" paradise, the last ten to fiveteen years it also attracted many foreigners who build villas in the Area of North Bali.

Dolphins, Lovina's Fame

One of the attractions of Lovina are the early morning Dolphin watching trips with a traditional fishing boat, a "jukung". If the dolphins like to be chased by tourists in a boat, is not known. However, they seem to have acquired some talent in diversion, as one of the watchers has observed. He said that two dolphins jump above water, and make the boats follow them, while the main group of dolphins go elsewhere. After a while the "decoy" dolphins disappear. But this is just a story.

Traditional fishing boat

for Guests of Palm Living

Sure you need to visit the Lovina area, try out some of the restaurants and bars. You will not be bored.

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